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Version 101.0

Release date

11th July 2018


Credit Card transaction match function - improvements to look and feel and functionality enhanced to handle foreign currency transactions.

On mileage claims account selection can now be made available to the claimant (previously only the categories default account type was allowed).

Duty of care checks can now be turned off for specific vehicles (e.g. pool cars).

Introducing two factor authentication.. Note that this is off by default and if required will need users to have an app such as Google Authenticator installed on their mobile device.

Bug fixes

Fixed issue whereby tags were shown in the Credit Card Reconciliation notification mail instead of being replaced with relevant information.

Fixed bug where additional people list was not cleared if the category was changed during claim line creation causing additional people to show on category lines which didn't support them.

Fixed Loading panels on login screen and warning pop-up when saving a claim line.

Fixed display issue on IE 11.0 when editing fields on i-Comply GDPR data assets.

Fixed issue where additional people were not correctly displayed on mileage lines unless passenger allowance was turned on.

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